Borrowing from God

In my recent article series, I’ve argued that without God, there can be no ultimate justification for reason, science, or morality.  In this article, I want to be crystal clear about my argument.  I am not arguing that people with a godless worldview are unreasoning, can’t do science, and can’t have good morals.  I’m arguing that atheists have to borrow from God in order to justify the use of their reason, science, and morality.  Continue reading Borrowing from God

Addressing People’s Worldview part 3 – No Morality without God

The final deathblow to the godless worldview is that without God, there is no ultimate justification for morality.  In a godless universe, we descended from fish through unguided, unintelligent, purposeless biochemical reactions.  In that worldview, morality is meaningless because morality doesn’t come from chemistry.  You can’t get concepts like right, wrong, ought, and should from cells bumping into each other.   Continue reading Addressing People’s Worldview part 3 – No Morality without God