The Worst Evangelistic Idea Ever

In the book Blue Like Jazz, Donald Miller tells the story of a terrible evangelistic idea that turned out surprisingly well. The setting: Reed University, a private liberal arts college in Portland where Miller and his ragtag band of Christian friends met. One day he jokingly suggested that they build a confession booth to reach the lost on campus—a booth where students would come and confess their sins. His friends took him seriously. 

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What is the Gospel?

The Bible is the most famous book in the world but also one of the most misunderstood. Most people don’t understand how it fits together. They see it, not a single story, but as a collection of random stories and rules. In this article series, The Big Picture of the Bible, I’ll show you an overview of the Bible message from beginning to end so you can understand how it fits together and what you must do to be saved.

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What Would You Do to Save a Single Soul?

Charles Peace was a famous 19th-century English burglar and murderer who had no regard for the laws of God or man. Through crafty disguise, he managed to evade the police for years. Eventually, they caught up with him, and he was put on trial and condemned to death by hanging at Armley Jail in Leeds.  Continue reading What Would You Do to Save a Single Soul?

The Power of an Inspirational Greeting

“Better than I deserve!” That’s my favorite response when someone asks how I’m doing. Yes, I stole it from Dave Ramsey. But that’s beside the point.

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