Hold Life Like a Bird

Ecclesiastes frees us to hold life like a bird.  In my golf days, I was told by an instructor to, “Hold the club like a bird.  Not so loose that it flies away, but not so tight that it dies.”  If you hold a golf club too loosely, it could fly into a lake!  If you put a death-grip on it, you’ll “pull” your shots inward, way off target.  Continue reading Hold Life Like a Bird

Underdressing – This is Awkward…

Underdressing is such an awkward topic.  It makes men feel stuck and women feel picked on.  I can’t tell a woman “Your outfit is tempting me to lust.”  I’d sound like a pervert!  Then women feel picked on because underdressing sermons are mainly directed at them.  It doesn’t seem fair, does it?  Men don’t want to be so susceptible to lust and women don’t want to be held so responsible for enticing us.  We all feel the unfairness and awkwardness here, so let’s just accept it and do our best to work together to help each other out. Continue reading Underdressing – This is Awkward…

Shoveling the Wood Chips of God’s Word

Recently, after almost four months of waiting, I finally received a truckload of wood chips in my driveway for free. It felt like Christmas morning . . . until reality hit me. I had to move that gigantic pile! Quickly! With nothing but a shovel and a wheelbarrow!

The job suddenly seemed insurmountable.  Continue reading Shoveling the Wood Chips of God’s Word

Overdressing and Overimpressing

When we think of modesty, we usually think of underdressing.  We think about women wearing scantily clad outfits revealing too much skin or too much shape.  Underdressing is a problem, but the verses about modesty in Scripture are primarily about overdressing.  Dressing in fancy, over-the-top ways to impress people.  Continue reading Overdressing and Overimpressing

Chase God, not Ghosts

As Christians, God, the Holy Spirit, and His Son Jesus Christ are the standards we should pursue.  Jesus said, “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness.” (Matt. 6:33a).  “You are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (5:48).  “Those whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son.” (Rom. 8:29).  Unfortunately, instead of chasing God’s standards, we often chase ghost standards.  I speak from experience.  Continue reading Chase God, not Ghosts

The Benefits of No TV – part 3 (final)

For the final installment in this series, consider three more benefits of no TV.  

7) More productivity.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked around after a 4 hour TV binge and realized I hadn’t done a single chore.  Dishes still dirty, lawn still uncut, laundry crumpled on the floor, books still unread, but hey at least I got to see how my show turned out right?  Give me a break.  Continue reading The Benefits of No TV – part 3 (final)

The Benefits of No TV – part 2

In this second installment of my “no TV” series, I want to be clear.  First, it’s not sinful to watch TV and you’re not a bad Christian if you do.  I chose to stop because it was taking over my life.  If you can balance your time and not abuse TV, it may not be a problem for you.  However, I hope in sharing my experience you might see some negative effects of TV on your life you didn’t even realize were there. Continue reading The Benefits of No TV – part 2