3 Goal-Setting Myths That Will Stunt Your Spiritual Growth

After she heard a new year’s sermon on goal-setting, Macy decided it was time to fix her broken life. Though she doubted she could change, she had to try. During the sermon, she wrote down four doable goals: 1) drink less alcohol, 2) use less profanity, 3) read her Bible a few times a week and 4) attend worship services most Sundays. Continue reading 3 Goal-Setting Myths That Will Stunt Your Spiritual Growth

The Horror of Lust

In 2 Samuel 13:1-19, the horror of lust is on full display when Amnon rapes his half-sister Tamar.

1) Lust consumes the mind and heart.  “Amnon was so frustrated because of his sister Tamar that he made himself ill.” (v. 2a).  When we want what we can’t have, it can drive us crazy, especially when intensified by hormones.  The longer lust festers, the more obsessed we become.  Continue reading The Horror of Lust

7 Lies About Sin to Stop Telling Yourself

The word rationalize can be defined as “rational lies.” When we sin and try to justify our actions, we’re deceiving ourselves. Our arguments may seem logical on the surface, but they’re not. They’re lies! Continue reading 7 Lies About Sin to Stop Telling Yourself

Buried and Raised with Christ

My last article ended with the question, “At what point in our faith do we die with Christ?” The answer is in Romans 6. The Roman Christians had died to sin, as verse 2 indicates.

How? When?

We see the answer beginning in verse 3.

Continue reading Buried and Raised with Christ

The Life is in the Blood

My last article was about the problem of sin. In today’s article, we’ll begin unpacking God’s wonderful solution. The remedy lies in His character. Continue reading The Life is in the Blood

Don’t be a Spiritual Zombie

Zombies are scary. While trying to find a zombie pic for this article, my wife couldn’t even look at them! Fortunately, they aren’t real. Or are they?

We’ll get to that in a minute.

My last article was about God’s holiness. Today, let’s discuss the problem of sin and its terrible consequences.

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