Why God Loves to Love and How that Changes Everything

For years I misunderstood God. In my mind, He sought every opportunity to punish the wicked, particularly those who worshiped Him incorrectly. He loved His children but only out of obligation. If He allowed anyone into heaven, which almost never happened, He did so grudgingly. Continue reading Why God Loves to Love and How that Changes Everything

You Can’t Handle 2019

I love a new year!  It’s a time of hope, fresh starts, renewed focus and determination.  But sadly, most new year’s resolutions are rooted in self.  They’re all about how I will change my life with my new sense of self-sufficiency and inner strength.  The truth is, you can’t handle 2019.  I can’t handle 2019.  We’re too weak and needy to handle it on our own.  Continue reading You Can’t Handle 2019

A False Badge of Honor

In the good ole’ days, keeping up with the Jones’ was about who had the most money, the biggest house, and the nicest car.  While that remains true for some, there’s a new badge of honor in town:  busyness.  When you ask people how they’re doing, the answer is, “Oh I’ve been so busy!”  “Busy” is the default response and when it’s not, something seems off.  Continue reading A False Badge of Honor

Spiritual Lessons from the North Korea Summit

Yesterday President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un met in Singapore to begin discussions about the denuclearization of North Korea. Thousands place trust and hopes on the outcome of this historic summit; thousands are crippled by fear. We must never forget: God is in control! How, then, should we react to the North Korea summit? 

Continue reading Spiritual Lessons from the North Korea Summit

Can You Hear God’s Frequency?

Good news!  The debate is over:  it’s “laurel,” not “yanny.”  Okay maybe not.  Unfortunately, that debate will rage on because some people’s ears are better attuned to high frequencies than low ones.  Those who hear higher frequencies hear “yanny.”  Lower frequency listeners hear “laurel.”  I’m concerned this might be misused religiously.  Continue reading Can You Hear God’s Frequency?

7 Lies About Sin to Stop Telling Yourself

The word rationalize can be defined as “rational lies.” When we sin and try to justify our actions, we’re deceiving ourselves. Our arguments may seem logical on the surface, but they’re not. They’re lies! Continue reading 7 Lies About Sin to Stop Telling Yourself

How NOT to Treat Your Shepherds

You may have seen the famous Youtube video of a sheep attacking his shepherd. A tourist in a foreign country, filming via dash cam, rounds a curve and stops as he sees a flock of sheep and a female shepherd in the road. Spooked, the sheep stampede. The largest one takes advantage of the chaos and rams the shepherd from behind, knocking her to the tarmac. He continues violently attacking her until the tourist finally pulls up and scares the animal away, saving the poor lady from further brutality. 

The lesson: don’t attack your spiritual shepherds!  Continue reading How NOT to Treat Your Shepherds