Water – God’s Dividing Line

It’s fascinating how God uses water in Scripture as a dividing line between bad and good.  In the days of Noah, the earth was filled with violence.  God promised, “Behold, I, even I am bringing the flood of water upon the earth, to destroy all flesh in which is the breath of life…” (Gen. 6:13).  God used water to wipe away the sinfulness of the earth and start fresh.  It was the dividing line between corruption and cleansing, between old sinful life and a new beginning.  Continue reading Water – God’s Dividing Line

The Chain of Authority

Authority is the power to give commands and expect obedience.  There are 3 links in the chain of authority in Scripture:  God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), prophets and apostles, the Bible.  Pretty simple!  When Pharaoh asked, “Who is the LORD that I should obey Him?” (Exodus 5:4) he found out real quick!  As Creator, God has the power to give commands and expect obedience.  “Whatever I command you, you shall be careful to do; you shall not add to nor take away from it.” (Deut. 12:32).  Continue reading The Chain of Authority

Hold Life Like a Bird

Ecclesiastes frees us to hold life like a bird.  In my golf days, I was told by an instructor to, “Hold the club like a bird.  Not so loose that it flies away, but not so tight that it dies.”  If you hold a golf club too loosely, it could fly into a lake!  If you put a death-grip on it, you’ll “pull” your shots inward, way off target.  Continue reading Hold Life Like a Bird

Underdressing – This is Awkward…

Underdressing is such an awkward topic.  It makes men feel stuck and women feel picked on.  I can’t tell a woman “Your outfit is tempting me to lust.”  I’d sound like a pervert!  Then women feel picked on because underdressing sermons are mainly directed at them.  It doesn’t seem fair, does it?  Men don’t want to be so susceptible to lust and women don’t want to be held so responsible for enticing us.  We all feel the unfairness and awkwardness here, so let’s just accept it and do our best to work together to help each other out. Continue reading Underdressing – This is Awkward…

Overdressing and Overimpressing

When we think of modesty, we usually think of underdressing.  We think about women wearing scantily clad outfits revealing too much skin or too much shape.  Underdressing is a problem, but the verses about modesty in Scripture are primarily about overdressing.  Dressing in fancy, over-the-top ways to impress people.  Continue reading Overdressing and Overimpressing

Borrowing from God

In my recent article series, I’ve argued that without God, there can be no ultimate justification for reason, science, or morality.  In this article, I want to be crystal clear about my argument.  I am not arguing that people with a godless worldview are unreasoning, can’t do science, and can’t have good morals.  I’m arguing that atheists have to borrow from God in order to justify the use of their reason, science, and morality.  Continue reading Borrowing from God

Addressing People’s Worldview part 3 – No Morality without God

The final deathblow to the godless worldview is that without God, there is no ultimate justification for morality.  In a godless universe, we descended from fish through unguided, unintelligent, purposeless biochemical reactions.  In that worldview, morality is meaningless because morality doesn’t come from chemistry.  You can’t get concepts like right, wrong, ought, and should from cells bumping into each other.   Continue reading Addressing People’s Worldview part 3 – No Morality without God