A Secret to Forming the Habit of Giving Thanks

For years I’ve obsessively cracked my knuckles. I hate the habit. I’ve tried everything to stop—from paying my kids a certain amount for each time (which they loved) to popping my wrists with rubber bands to hypnosis via audio recording. Nothing worked.  Continue reading A Secret to Forming the Habit of Giving Thanks

The Worst Evangelistic Idea Ever

In the book Blue Like Jazz, Donald Miller tells the story of a terrible evangelistic idea that turned out surprisingly well. The setting: Reed University, a private liberal arts college in Portland where Miller and his ragtag band of Christian friends met. One day he jokingly suggested that they build a confession booth to reach the lost on campus—a booth where students would come and confess their sins. His friends took him seriously. 

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12 Practical Principles for Daily Living

The following “daily dozen” were the personal creed of Robert Louis Stevenson, the famed 19th century Scottish novelist and poet. An atheist, he unintentionally used Biblical truths as his major life principles. I’ve added Scriptures below each principle.  Continue reading 12 Practical Principles for Daily Living

Shoveling the Wood Chips of God’s Word

Recently, after almost four months of waiting, I finally received a truckload of wood chips in my driveway for free. It felt like Christmas morning . . . until reality hit me. I had to move that gigantic pile! Quickly! With nothing but a shovel and a wheelbarrow!

The job suddenly seemed insurmountable.  Continue reading Shoveling the Wood Chips of God’s Word

Parenting Advice from a Scared Father

My oldest son recently became a teenager. A teenager! How on earth am I supposed to know how to raise someone that age? I admit I’m a little scared. And sad. Only a few more years and he’ll be out on his own.

As I reflect on these things, four primary guiding principles come to mind: Continue reading Parenting Advice from a Scared Father

10 Ways to Fight Fair

Job’s three “friends,” Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar, weren’t very friendly. Despite their sincere desire to help, almost everything they said to Job served to tear him down. Without mercy, they falsely condemned him as a horrific sinner who deserved every ounce of his suffering.

We must avoid their tactics if we want to please God at how we conduct ourselves in conflict. In this two-part series, we’ll look at 10 ways to do just that. Continue reading 10 Ways to Fight Fair

When Life Hurts

I must admit, I know very little about suffering. Sure, I’ve endured minor back pain for years, I’ve lost some relatives, I’ve been close to Christians who rejected the Lord and broke my heart; but those problems pale in comparison to other people’s problems.  Continue reading When Life Hurts